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Ween Live At The Capitol Theatre, New York

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Look, I love Ween.

I love them so much that even after a hectic week of work and another one looming, there was no way I was going to miss their Sunday night show at the Capitol Theatre (December 16).

I’m so glad I didn’t.

The reinvigorated Pennsylvania outfit fronted by Dean and Gene Ween have never sounded better. After close to 35 years together, Ween are arguably at the top of their game. A delicious blend of post-punk, twisted folk, idiosyncratic indie rock and low-fi soul, Ween’s sonic attack has always been varied and hard to categorize, which is part of their charm.

Never mind that they haven’t put out a record since 2007, the band’s back catalog gives them plenty of material to pull from.

I loved every single minute.

Ween Set-List:

  1. Polka Dot Tail
  2. Chocolate Town
  3. Big Jilm
  4. Happy Colored Marbles
  5. Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)
  6. Captain Fantasy
  7. Don’t Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)
  8. Touch My Tooter
  9. Ooh Va La
  10. Woman and Man
  11. Demon Sweat
  12. Wayne’s Pet Youngin’
  13. Take Me Away
  14. Common Bitch
  15. Did You See Me?
  16. Hey There Fancypants
  17. Now I’m Freaking Out
  18. Don’t Sweat It
  19. Kim Smoltz
  20. Tried And True
  21. She Wanted To Leave
  22. The Mollusk
  23. Loop De Loop
  24. Ocean Man
  25. The Grobe
  26. Someday
  27. Your Party
  28. Birthday Boy