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UK Art-House/Alternative Act Thirsty Weighs In With New Album Albatross

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The London-based art-house act Thirsty recently released its second album, Albatross, which flies through the lowering sonic skies that are streaked with a stark and potent alternative rock and blues sound. The band is helmed by Guy Bailey (vocals, guitars), the founder of Quireboy, and Russian poet Irina D. (lyrics).

Bailey began his collaboration with Irina D. in early 2014, dropping their self-titled debut album soon after their formation and drawing accolades from the UK and US press including powerhouse MOJO. Albatross circles similar territory as the debut, but also swoops through music genres and compositions in a wider sphere by reworking material and reimagining characters from the literary world, as well as reflecting upon true life stories taken from (in)famous personalities.

Albatross also includes contributions from notable British rock musicians like Simon Hansen (Squeeze) on drums, former Quireboy member Chris Johnstone on keyboards, and soul songstress Lynne Jackaman (Saint Jude) on backing vocals. Renowned producer Chris Kimsey (Rolling Stones, Marillion, The Cult) came on board for the production, mixing, and mastering of Albatross.

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