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The Libertines’ Last Minute London Cancellation Fuels Pete Doherty Health Rumors

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Stereo Embers is endlessly excited about the new Libertines album Anthems For Doomed Youth.

As a matter of fact, we think it’s not only one of the best records of the year, it’s a return to form for the band we said back in 2002 could very well be, “the saving grace of rock and roll.”

Shaking off an eleven year hiatus, The Libertines have a full touring schedule in front of them, the band is getting along fabulously and they’ve never sounded better.

So what could go wrong?

Well, we’re not sure, but something has gone awry already, which serves as a reminder that the Libertines’ camp has always been a combustible one.

Frontman Pete Doherty has had a very public battle with drugs and alcohol over the years but appears to be in fighting form as of late, performing with zeal, energy and charm.

But two hours before the band were set to take the stage in London last night, word came that the show was not going to happen.

“Due to an emergency…a medical situation…tonight’s show is being postponed,” the anxious crowd was told by a spokesperson for the band, who took the stage at 11:30pm to deliver the news. He went on to add: “I say postponed because I mean postponed, not cancelled. A new date will be released tomorrow.”

That wasn’t enough to stop fans from throwing things on the stage, their frustration and disbelief in full flight.

After all, they had waited two hours (and eleven years) to see the band play.

The Libertines posted the following statement on their FB page: “Due to unforeseen circumstances tonight the Libertines have had to postpone their sold out shows at the Electric Ballroom in Camden and at the Ritz in Manchester tomorrow night. Peter, Carl, John and Gary apologise whole heartedly to their fans and will reschedule both shows as soon as possible. This will not effect any of The Libertines other commitments.”

There had been no sign of trouble early in the day when the band posted this on Twitter:

Since the FB posting, nothing has been heard from the band, and no new information has been delivered. Many have speculated about the nature of the medical situation and several sites even went so far as to run a fake obituary for Doherty.  Fans recoiled in horror at the news of Doherty’s demise and many took to social media to investigate the veracity of the story, which was almost immediately debunked as a fake.

“The shows are being rescheduled,” one fan who was at the London gig told Stereo Embers. “So I feel confident that Peter is okay.”