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Summer Solstice Serenade: Sarah McLachlan Live In New York

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There’s no better way to say goodbye to summer than seeing Sarah McLachlan play a solo show at one of the best music venues on the planet.

The Canadian singer/songwriter’s intimate set at the Capitol Theater in New York the other night was a stirring blend of piano ballads, riveting acoustic numbers and fabulous between-song storytelling.

McLachlan is an engaging and charismatic presence and the juxtaposition of selections from her decidedly moving songbook and her witty persona made for a perfect combination of laughter and sadness and darkness and light.

But no matter how emotionally wrenching the songs could be, McLachlan is one of those rare performers who mines the dark depths of a broken heart, but leaves the listener still feeling hopeful and optimistic about the world.

Not an easy thing to do.

But McLachlan is a pro and her show at the Capitol–which is part of her six-date U.S. September swing–was nothing short of stunning. “Possession” and “Adia” were utterly gorgeous; “Fallen and “In Your Shoes” have never sounded better and “Sweet Surrender” was devastatingly on the mark.

Seeing McLachlan with a full band is a marvelous thing to behold, but watching her play on her own, whether she’s behind a piano or holding an acoustic guitar, reveals the real depth and texture of her compositions.

  1. Possession
  2. I Will Remember You
  3. Adia
  4. Building a Mystery
  5. Good Enough
  6. Answer
  7. Fallen
  8. In Your Shoes
  9. U Want Me 2
  10. Rivers of Love
  11. Beautiful Girl
  12. World on Fire
  13. Sweet Surrender
  14. Loving You Is Easy
  15. Angel
  16. Untitled New Song
  17. Song For My Father
  18. Ice Cream
  19. The Sound That Love Makes