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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: Hearken’s “Fix Me”

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Once in a while a song comes along that grabs you due to its emotional potency, and on rare occasions its accompanying video will capture and extend the power of the track. Such is the case with “Fix Me” by alternative rock/grunge band Hearken.

 This Pittsburgh-located duo is composed of Donny Donovan and Gregg Brunner. They formed Hearken after the break-up of their previous band Roulette Waves. Debut album Help Me, I’m Alive is a personal cry that’s full of turmoil and catharsis.

 “Fix Me”, which is on the LP, is a perfect example, as Donny poignantly wrestles with inner crisis. Backed by a subdued drum beat and acoustic guitar strum, Donny sings wistfully at first, before bursting out passionately on the chorus sections. There’s a dreamy element that hangs on through the track, with an occasional hovering layer of vocal harmonies and bittersweet guitar lines.

Inner conflict manifests itself in the video (which was directed by Donny) through a shrouded figure with a mirror for a face. Donny’s image is distorted by the reflection while yearningly pleading, “Fix me from a system that can’t change / Fix me from a disease that you’ve made.”

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