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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: Fake Shark’s “Something Special”

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The Vancouver, Canada-based trio Fake Shark (formerly known as Fake Shark, Real Zombie), has delivered something special on its 2nd single and video.  Last summer the band chilled ‘n’ thrilled with the fun and groovin’ funk-pop anthem “Cheap Thrills” and now Kevy (vocals), Louis Wu (guitar), and Tony Dallas (bass) offer ‘something special’ in audio and video form.

“Something Special” hooks from the start with its playfully romping rhythm, reverberating bass line, and what sounds like cowbell taps.  Kevy comes in with his breathy to exclaimed vocals, cooing delightfully on the chorus, “You’ve got that something special.”

The energy is upbeat and perfect for the dancefloor.

So go get your groove on!

The video is a spoof of, and an ode to, the American Idol TV show, with Kevy in the director’s seat for the first time.  The result is an amusing mélange of rock-bottom contestants, played by the guys in various, mostly female, guises, vying for a slot on the fake show Something Special.  As Kevy mentions in the press release for the video, “…I wanted to comment on how, because of the Internet, everyone can have and feel they deserve a moment in the spotlight.”  Kevy also includes some shots of the band members performing that are tweaked with swirling kaleidoscopic effects to add a psychedelic touch to the video.



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