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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: Calais’ “Seeing It All”

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Australian indie rock band Calais delivers a smoothly romping dance-rock single with “See It All.” Calais formed in 2013 and is comprised of Brisbane-located Tim Lollback (vocals), Joseph Fleming (guitar), Guy Stacey (synth/guitar), Liam Roberts (bass), and William Mogg (drums).

The five-piece meld the rock, pop, and electronic genres into one dynamically propulsive, nocturnally atmospheric tune that rolls along with understated flair. A glowing synths backdrop sets the scene for Lollback, who sings in a coolly laid-back tone, adding a questioning lilt at the end of his phrases as he sighs, “Time is passing me by.”

The plucky guitar notes, groovin’ bass line, echoed electronics, peppering percussion, and determined drum beats keep the pace lively as Lollback reflects that, “I’m feelin’ it all tonight.”

The song, which touches upon the loss of self-identity within the boundaries of a relationship, is accompanied by a moody video. The footage intercuts scenes of the band’s live performance with clips of a face-to-face couple staring at each other and one of them looking into shards of a broken mirror.

“Seeing It All” has been released via Beatstone and distributed by INgrooves.


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