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Stereo Embers’ Song Premiere: Gina Volpe’s “Black Butterfly”

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Multi-talented artist Gina Volpe, guitarist of the legendary NYC-based punk band Lunachicks, will be releasing her latest single, “Black Butterfly”, on May 24th. Stereo Embers is thrilled to bits to be hosting its premiere.

Since this January, Volpe has been bowing one song every month in a six-month-long series, with each number radiating a different style and vibe. So far, she’s dropped metal-popper and feminist anthem “Time to Come”, electronic seducer “Make It Good”, New Wave groover “Don’t Give Up On Me Now”, and stoner rock trip “Hope You Had Fun”.

Volpe’s new tune, the beguiling “Black Butterfly”, sweeps by in a realm of its own, filled with darkness and beauty. The atmosphere is rich with bluesy guitar licks that give way to heavy jags of hard rock guitar. This thickness is leavened by the peppy pulse of electronic elements, shimmering cymbals smash, and a kicky drum beat. On top of the pop-punk melodics, Volpe sings in a sultry tone, chasing after an artistic dream that struggles to exist during the daily grind.

The black butterfly of the track is a metaphor for the blindfold that sometimes has to be put on when an artist needs to create. Volpe explains, “How can we create freely under the weight of a worry which tells us maybe our work isn’t good enough; maybe we should stop. “Black Butterfly” is what I call upon to come down and block out the negative thoughts and distracting elements that stand in the way of the artistic process.”

The genre-bending of “Black Butterfly” aptly showcases Volpe’s eclectic musical tastes and skills. She blends her influences together into an intriguing whole that makes listeners wonder what the finale to her six-month run of songs will sound like. Once this cycle is complete, Volpe will head back to the studio to record with acclaimed producer Barb Morrison.

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