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Stereo Embers’ Song Premiere: Gabrielle Marlena’s “Love Me Out Loud”

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Photo credit: Savannah Jankosky

Brooklyn-based songstress Gabrielle Marlena’s debut album, Good Music For You, is an intimate, femme fatale folk tale immersed in a world of pain and new beginnings. Produced by Katie Buchanan during the fall season of 2016, the LP is not so much a ‘breakup album’ as a diary of first experiences and vulnerable self-reflection.

Good Music For You is slated to arrive August 11th. The record goes through various emotional phases, from joy to grieving, that makes it an intense sing-along of Marlena’s most intimate experiences, which she expresses through her honey-coated, yodeling vocals. Writing the album helped her ease her pain and turned the healing process into something beautiful and inspiring that fills the emptiness that follows heartbreak with a powerful soundtrack.

Marlena grew up with a mother who would sing old Union folk songs around the house, and she started writing music during her summers at Camp Kinderland, singing songs in the Berkshires day and night. When she was 12, she wanted to be Avril Lavigne, so she asked for guitar lessons.

Marlena moved to Montreal at age 18 to study Economics, and she quickly found herself in the heart of an eclectic music scene where she was able to hone her craft. In Montreal, she started going to funky basement open mics, which led to meeting musicians and getting involved in local shows. She moved to NYC in 2016 to perform and record her debut album.

The fourth and final single to be released, “Love Me Out Loud”, premieres right here and it’s a lyrics-focused, bittersweet beauty filled will gentle to emphatic, mellifluous acoustic guitar strum, contemplative steel guitar curls, an echoing beat, and Gabrielle’s heartfelt and expressive vocals.

Marlena will be celebrating the debut of “Love Me Out Loud” with a release show tonight, June 30th, at The Bitter End in NYC.

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