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Singer-Songwriter Neska Rose Unveils Her Personal & Engaging Debut EP

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Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Neska Rose has released her debut EP, The Repel Of A Young Girl, today.

The record is a 7-song collection that chronicles Rose’s life and emotions. It’s a surprisingly, and welcomingly, confident and developed batch of tracks for such a young artist.

At only 14, Rose is penning songs that confront issues many twice her age are only beginning to work through, like the experience of being gaslit, taking charge of your own life, and knowing when someone needs space to solve their own problems. 

Rose was born in Israel, but moved to Los Angeles at the age of 10, and has taken full advantage of the city’s creative pursuits. She’s dabbling in acting while pursuing her music career.

With all the promise shown on this brief EP, it’s easy to imagine what could be next for this budding talent.

The songs were all produced almost entirely by Rose herself, a skill she’s been honing in quarantine all while continuing with school, and appearing in several commercials.

You can learn more about her in a cool interview with Audiofemme and you can take the EP for a spin below: 

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