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Rush’s Mammoth R40 Anniversary Live Box Set Out November 17

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It’s hard to believe, but it’s been 40 years since the release of Rush’s self-titled debut album.

To commemorate the band’s legendary career, comes R40, a mammoth live box set that’s loaded with gems, including a rarely seen 1974 live performance at Laura Secord Secondary School in Ontario, as well as the Passaic, NJ Capitol Theatre show from 1976.

Comprised of Rush’s five most recent concert videos, a comprehensive 56-page hardback book jam-packed with memorabilia and rarely-seen photos, R40 is the consummate volume of the band’s live performances that perfectly captures 40 years of their live performances from all over the world.

R40 Breakdown

Disc 1: Rush In Rio
Bonus features: The Boys In Brazil documentary, multi-angle versions of YYZ, O Baterista and La Villa Strangiato; By-Tor And The Snow Dog animation; Anthem (1975 performance)

Disc 2: R30
Bonus features: Interviews; 10 tracks from the Anthem vault; Rush Hits St John’s feature; Alex Lifeson Artist Of The Decade interview

Disc 3: Snakes & Arrows Live
Bonus features: Oh, Atlanta authorized bootlegs

Disc 4: Time Machine 2011 – Live In Cleveland
Bonus features: Outtakes; Need Some Love live at Laura Secondary School, 1974; Anthem live in 1976

Disc 5: Clockwork Angels Tour
Bonus features: Limelight soundcheck recording; three additional tracks; Can’t Stop Thinking Big documentary; behind the scenes feature; Family Goy; Family Sawyer; The Watchmaker; Office of The Watchmaker

Disc 6: Bonus Disc
Laura Secord Secondary School 1974