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Reissue For Bluesy Alternative Rock Singer-Songwriter Silver Rose’s Debut EP

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Mexico City-based, Los Angeles-visiting Carla Sariñana has had roots in the music field for a long time, playing for a decade in the rock band Ruido Rosa (co-founder, songwriter, bass player).

Sariñana decided to branch out on her own musically after spending 6 months living in LA. Her Silver Rose project took shape during this time and was a means for her to blend her love of shoegaze/dream-pop sonics with her alternative rock foundation.

Out of her LA stay blossomed the Silver Rose EP, which was recently re-released via UK’s Presana Music label. Sariñana sings in Spanish on half of the 6-track EP, and in English on the other half. The multi-cultural artist feels that music transcends any language barrier and her songs are deeply planted in heartfelt emotions and engaging sounds.

“Take Me Home” showcases Sariñana’s softer side and her interest in 1970s style.   She gently, but firmly draws out her velvety vocals while backed by wavering and burning guitar lines, cymbals shimmer, and a strict drum beat. The song is accompanied by a Lana Del Rey-like video that features home movie clips of Sariñana in her LA environs and beautiful images of blooming flowers.

Live Dates:

April 28th – Foro IndieRocks in Mexico City
May 6th – acoustic show for Filter

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