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The Rave-Ups’ Jimmer Podrasky Readies Second Solo Album

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Jimmer Podrasky, the lead singer of the Rave-Ups has announced the release of his second solo album.

Titled God Like The Sun, the record is further affirmation that Podrasky is one of the most important American singer/songwriters around. The Pennsylvania-born musician’s tuneful songbook has always been brimming with intelligence and heart and the ten numbers on his new record only add more gold to an already luminescent musical legacy.

The follow-up to his winning solo debut The Would-Be Plans, God Like The Sun is a shimmering collection of swaggering roots-filled rock (“Rollercoaster USA,” “Like Money Spent”) , hook-filled pop (“Your Heaven Or Mine”) and acoustic stunners (“Shoot The Moon”). Meanwhile, “Grandma’s Song” is a moving blast of soul and the title track is one of the greatest album closers of all time.

The album prompted SEM’s Matt Sloan to declare: “I don’t care what month we’re in and I don’t care that Slowdive and Ride have records on the way–God Like The Sun is the best album of 2017.”

God Like The Sun will be out February 17th, but Podrasky, posting on Facebook, wrote that there’s no need to wait that long to buy it.

“For the next several weeks, I’ll be shamelessly pimpin’ out this new album as no pimp has ever pimped in the history of pimpin’. I hope that you all get so sick of seeing this image that you eventually break down and listen to/buy the CD. Music still matters in this world and this album matters a lot to me. I’m asking all of you for your help and your support.February 17th (the Friday after Valentines Day) is the day that God Like The Sun will be available on iTunes, Amazon, CDbaby, etc. Until then, you can download the album at Bandcamp. There are still a few signed, advanced release CDs available for purchase–you can PM me via FB if you’re interested in getting an early copy.

I won’t apologize for being a shameless huckster. This is the world we live in now.”