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Photo Essay: Dumpstaphunk Live In Fairfield CT

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I had heard nothing but amazing things about Dumpstaphunk and finally had the chance to see them Monday night at Fairfield Theatre Company’ Stage One in Fairfield, CT.

It’s a small, intimate venue and the crowd was treated to an amazing night of music.

Led by Ivan Neville on keyboards, this quintet from New Orleans is widely regarded as the most vital funk band in the country.  The band consists of Ian Neville on guitar, Nick Daniels III on bass, Alvin Ford Jr on drums and the dynamic and versatile Tony Hall on guitar, bass & vocals.  Tony joined opener Lions on the Moon for a couple of songs and then Lions lead guitarist, 12 year old phenom Brandon ‘Taz’ Niederauer, returned the favor and joined Dumpstaphunk for a few numbers.  Taz has great chemistry with the band and his interactions with Hall provided some of the best photo opportunities of the night.


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