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NYC’s The Chris Ruben Band Release Energetic New Album

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New York City is known as a melting-pot metropolis that never sleeps, and the members of The Chris Ruben Band bring that high-energy and diversity to their dynamic new stylistically hybrid album that dropped on April 20th.

Titled Madness on Repeat, the LP is jam-packed with vibrantly bustling tunes that blend indie/alternative rock, cool-funk, psychedelia, and the blues into tasty stew of sound.

The album’s title refers to life in general, but it can definitely be applied to this past year with all its upending surprises (and most of them not welcome ones either…), but the overall message of the band is to go with the flow, and that’s just how their music rolls.

The six-piece formed in 2015 and is currently made up of Chris Ruben (natch!), Brendan Allan, Russ Benjamin, Frank and Eugene Iovine, and Nick Marino.

“Won’t See You” is an emotive rock ballad with psych touches, while “Live Meltdown” kicks up the fiery guitar riffs, but leavens it with dreamy vocals.

 A funky bass line groove runs through “Starfish” that sways with laid-back verses, but intensifies on the swirling chorus sections.

Emotions run high on “Tell Me Why” (Well, on pretty much every song on the record!), while the oddly named “Hernia” plies a smoother and more soulful vibe.

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