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New After Effects Release With Updated Version of Cinema 4D Lite

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The latest version of Adobe After Effects comes with an update of Maxon’s 3D creation and animation software Cinema 4D Lite. Maxon improved compatibility and workflow and added an asset library to their 3D creation tool. The latest release further consolidates Maxon’s partnership with the leading motion graphics and visual effects software Adobe After Effects.

The Impact On Artists Working With Cinema 4D Lite

Adobe Creative Cloud members can install Cinema 4D Lite for free. The Lite version is a limited but feature-rich version of Maxon’s commercial 3D software Cinema 4D. It enables motion graphic and visual effect artists to explore the possibilities of 3D in their work, including modeling, animation, texturing, and lighting. The content can be added to an After Effects project and used in the same way video footage is used, enabling creators to apply cameras, object masks, other 3D objects, etc.

Cinema 4D Lite can be launched inside the After Effects platform or as a standalone app. Creators who want to leverage the full suite of features in Cinema 4D can purchase the commercial version at any time from within the software, using Maxon’s new entitlement system.

What Can Be Done Now That Wasn’t Available Before

Maxon included an asset library, called the Asset Browser, that lets creators download and use animate 3D models and other assets. The browser makes it easy to find assets with metadata and keywords, which are then cached locally on demand.

Other additions to the latest version include Intel Open Image Denoiser, Caps, Bevels, and Fields tools. After updating their software, content creators will notice smoother interoperability between Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D. The latest version is just as stable and crash-proof as previous installments of the Cinema 4D software.

Adobe Max & Maxon

Adobe Max is a free virtual conference about all things creative. The October 2021 edition featured more than 400 sessions, keynotes, workshops, and other event tracks. The event brought together the global creative community and helped participants level up their creative skills.

About Maxon

Maxon offers powerful 2D and 3D design and motion graphics solutions for content creators. Those who are interested can go here and get the best graphics.  Alongside the award-winning Cinema 4D suite, Maxon also offers editing and filmmaking tools in its Red Giant collection and lightning-fast rendering with its Redshift solutions.

Maxon seized the opportunity to announce their updated version of Cinema 4D Lite, based on the release of their award-winning Cinema 4D Release S24, at the Adobe Max virtual conference.