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Kings and Queens of the Wild Frontier – Punk Lust: Raw Provocation 1971-1985 on View at the Museum of Sex through November 30th

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Covering the decade-and-a-half between the last Velvet Underground album and and Husker Du’s Flip Your Wig, Punk Lust: Raw Provocation 1971-1985 at New York’s Museum of Sex examines how punk used sexuality–both visually and lyrically–to transgress and defy, whether in the service of political provocation, raw desire or just to break through stifling gender norms and social expectations. Punk Lust: Raw Provocation 1971-1985 will be on view through November 30th 2019. Featuring over 300 artifacts, including ephemera, original artwork, film, and garments worn by punk legends, the exhibition comprises a wide selection from archives and private collections presented within an immersive installation and soundscape.

Punk Lust is on view now until November 30th.


Carlo McCormick, cultural critic and curator; Lissa Rivera, artist and Curator, Museum of Sex; Vivien Goldman, Punk Professor at New York University, musician, and author of Revenge of the She-Punks: A Feminist Music History from Poly Styrene to Pussy Riot (forthcoming May 2019, University of Texas Press). Punk Lust also features British fashions curated by Young Kim, Director of the Estate of Malcolm McLaren, and a special selection of films curated by internationally-exhibited artist and curator Tessa Hughes-Freeland.


Andrew Krivine; ClampArt Gallery; Collection of Camilla Saly/PunkArchiveNYC; Collection of Manic Panic/PunkArchiveNYC; Estate of Malcolm Mclaren; Fahey/Klein Gallery; Howl! Happening: An Arturo Vega Project; Image as Virus Collection / @Punkbadges; Toby Mott/ Mott Collection, London; P.P.O.W. Gallery; Ward 5B; Gallery 98 Bowery; Sonic Youth; Ron Zuckerman Collection; Stefan Streif, Germany; Edward Stapleton.


Adrian Boot; Bob Gruen; David Corio; Lynn Goldsmith; Fernando Natalici; GODLIS; Janette Beckman; Jenny Lens; Jeremy Gibbs; Kate Simon; Lynda Burdick; Sheila Rock; Sue Brisk; Sue Rynski; Theresa Kereakes; Roberta Bayley; Ruby Ray; Ray Stevenson.


Amos Poe; Arturo Vega; Cosey Fanni Tutti; David Wojnarowicz; Derek Jarman; Gee Vaucher; Jamie Reid; Jane Sherry; Jimmy DeSana; Linder Sterling; Ken Tisa; Marcia Resnick; Mark Morrisroe; Michael Intriere / Nervous Gender; Pat Ivers & Emily Armstrong / Go Nightclubbing Archive; Raymond Pettibon; Richard Kern; Scott B & Beth B; Vivienne Dick.


BOY; London Leatherman; Malcolm Mclaren and Vivienne Westwood; Maripol; Rita Daniels.