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Joe Pan and Tuff Sunshine Team Up For The Holidays

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One of our favorite books of the year is Joe Pan’s Hiccups.

And one of our favorite albums of the year is Tuff Sunshine’s Fire In The Hero Building.

What we said about Hiccups:

“Like a cross between Richard Linklater’s Slacker, the comedy of Steven Wright and The Kinks’ Village Green Preservation Society, Hiccups is rich with characters. In fact, it’s teeming with them. There’s subway heartthrobs, poker punks, a man in cat ears prowling the beach, a radish faced academic, bakers’ wives, a blind girl and Yoda.

Yes, that Yoda.

Generous, genial, and big-hearted, Pan writes with affection and candor, while avoiding cynicism or judgment.Hiccups is the most accurate portrait of human life, human behavior and human beings doing human things that you’ll ever read.  Observational, pointed, tender and funny, this is the poetic version of a field recording of the modern world.”

(Full review of Hiccups:)

And here’s what we said of Tuff Sunshine’s album:

“This New York-based outfit’s new album is one sweet bite after the next with no fluff in sight. And that’s no surprise–Tuff Sunshine are one of the most dynamic, energizing and altogether rousing bands out there.”

(Full review of Fire:)


So it seems fitting that Pan and Tuff Sunshine have teamed up for the holiday season and are offering one fabulous deal.

You can get Hiccups and Fire for $30 with shipping included.

All you have to do is click here