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Jenny Lewis And The Watson Twins Live At The Capitol Theatre, New York

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Jenny Lewis played an intimate and sweeping set the other night at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, New York.

Celebrating the ten-year anniversary of her Rabbit Fur Coat record, her set was filled with lilting country, rootsy groove and cosmic soul. Flanked by the Watson twins who bring a delicious elementĀ of Lynchian mystery to every number, Lewis and her band were fabulous.

Lewis is a musical shape-shifter and the night’s costume changes punctuated this fact. The Nevada-born musician is like a cross between Gram Parsons, Loretta Lynn and Leonard Cohen–she plays breathtakingly gorgeous numbers (“Silver Lining,” “Slippery Slopes”) that are genre-defying and deeply rousing.

Here’s my visual report of the night’s proceedings…

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