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Information Society Break 21-Year Drought–New Album Out In September

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After 21 years away, the original lineup of Information Society are back with a new album.

The Minneapolis outfit who are known for their 1988 smash “What’s On Your Mind (Pure Energy)” and its follow up “Walking Away” are perhaps one of the most overlooked and pioneering synth pop bands around.  Their dorm room excursions into electropop were nothing short of revolutionary back when they got their start in 1982 and a little-known fact is that they were once label mates with The Replacements on the Twin/Tone label.

The band’s new long player _helloworld is an aggressive blast of whiplash electronica, primal synth beats and infectious choruses. It’s the sound of a band who has reignited their artistic fire, but it’s also the sound of a band who are reclaiming their proper place in modern dance music.

_helloworld will be out September 23.