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Indie Folk-Pop Artist Gal Musette Drops Delicate & Longing Piano-Pop Track

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Orange County native Grace Freeman started her musical path early in life, learning to play the piano as a youngster and composing songs to perform at open mics when she was only 10 years old.

At age fourteen she was inspired by The Magnetic Fields’ ambitious 69 Love Songs, and created her own 70 Love Songs, of which the band took notice. They asked Freeman to open for them on the Midwestern leg of their US tour.

Freeman has also opened for a host of other big-name performers, including Macy Gray and Suzanne Vega.

Under the delightful moniker Gal Musette, Freeman is set to release her upcoming album Backwards Lullaby this October.

The LP’s themes dwell on love and loss and the styles represented range from indie pop to French folk. The renowned Rufus Wainwright features on a duet on the record.

“Ghost,” which features indie rock band Coma Culture, is the second single from the full length to materialize, following wistful lead single “Summertime.”

“Ghost” is a delicately wandering piano-pop number filled with waterdrop-plinked piano notes and wavering vocal longing. The lyrics speak of someone, or something, out of reach. Will things ever be the same again? Can what is lost be found again?

Freeman states that the song could be about loving more than one person, but that, on the hand, “There’s no one meaning to be understood from the lyrics – I would hope that each listener could take something a bit different from them. The “ghost” could be seen as a metaphor for [other situations].”