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Ex-Smiths Members Teaming Up For Summer Project

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Photo courtesy of Mike Joyce

A Smiths reunion is so unlikely, it feels silly to even talk about it anymore.

However, the reuniting of several members of The Smiths doesn’t seem silly at all.

On his Facebook page this morning, former Smiths drummer Mike Joyce posted a not-so-cryptic photo, leading many to believe that he and ex-Smiths bassist Andy Rourke and guitarist Craig Gannon are working together again.

The black photo contains the graphic of a musical note with the last names Joyce, Rourke and Gannon splashed across the middle and superimposed over the note.

Underneath it reads: “Summer 2018.”

Gannon, who played with Aztec Camera, The Colourfield, Adult Net, Blue Orchid and Bluebells, toured with the Smiths in 1986 and played on several of their singles. He was originally hired as a bass player to step in for the briefly fired Rourke in 1986, but when Rourke returned, Gannon switched over to rhythm guitar.