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Experimental Electronic/Rock Musician Tenuous Threads Releases Exploratory Album

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Tenuous Threads is an alternative electronic and rock musician from Australia who builds up experimental compositions that are founded in exploratory soundscapes and searching vocals.

The artist recently released his debut EP titled Mettle. From the songwriting to the recording, Tenuous Threads weaves in unusual combinations of sound and structures.

The plaintive “Hope Springs” features a sprightly pace, but also a brooding synth line, while reflective “Abduction” sparkles with bright guitar chime and crisp percussion, yet is also filled with hazy vocals and shadowy symphonic synth extension – that suddenly bursts out into a fiery heavy rock song by its end!

Fans of alternative music outfits like later Radiohead, Mogwai, and Boards of Canada will find much of interest here.

Tenuous Threads is a multi-instrumentalist who started on bass, but continued to learn how to play guitar, drums, piano, and other instruments.

Tenuous Threads reveals, “I write and perform all the music on the tracks myself. I draw from a wide range of influences and I get bored with a specific genre very quickly. That is why I make music that is stylistically disparate. I’m endlessly fascinated why certain combinations of notes elicit such visceral emotions…”

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