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Exclusive Premiere: Kolumbus’ “I Hope You Find Happiness”

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Kolombus is a strapping and full-bearded Irish lad who has just finished filming his latest video.

The singer/songwriter’s forthcoming single “I Hope You Find Happiness” was filmed entirely in Ireland and shows off the natural and verdant jewels this fantastic island has to offer.

The song is infectious and the accompanying footage in its support is so astounding this video could be used as a sonic billboard to drive visitors to Ireland. I myself even want to visit now that I’ve seen all these stunning places across the Emerald Isle.

Kolumbus is a musical project representing the solo journey of 26-year-old Irish songwriter Mark ‘Cappy’ Caplice. Originally from Kilkenny and a long-term resident of Wicklow, his ‘stage name’ is a punful reflection of his love for adventure and travel.

Earlier this year, Kolumbus released the single Leave The Light On’ , which, while somewhat melancholic in mood, carries a hopeful message. So that’s two for two for Kolumbus in terms of optimism. I’m already looking forward to seeing what else he brings us in 2016 and beyond.

In the case of the new single, Caplice recalls the many Irish citizens who had to leave their country to resettle elsewhere: “They had to leave family, friends loved ones behind to fly half way across the world. So many of my own friends and close family were among them and I saw firsthand how difficult it is, both for those who leave and those who stay…I would never hold it against anyone for leaving. Life is too short to dwell on anything.”

Kolumbus’ 2016 output to date was produced by Gavin Glass, the music director for John Carney’s new film “Sing Street” and engineered by Scott Halliday, previously a guitar tech with Prince and James Vincent Mcmorrow. They also feature several other notable musicians: drummer Graham Hopkins, who plays with Irish folk legend Glen Hansard, and organist Conor O’Reilly, who has recorded with U2 and has had his music performed in Carnegie Hall.

Earlier, Kolumbus’ Christmas single ‘You Know It’s Christmas’, feat. the West Wicklow Voices and Chorus Kids Choir, hit the No.1 spot on the Google Play Music Charts and Top 20 on iTunes, ahead of heavy hitters Adele and Justin Bieber, with all proceeds going to Inner City Helping Homeless and Baltinglass Lions Christmas appeal.

The new single is currently available for streaming on Soundcloud and Bandcamp and will be available for sale via iTunes as of July 15.


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