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Edward Grimes Of Rachel’s Dead At 43

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Edward Grimes, the drummer for the cult favorite indie chamber rock band Rachel’s has died.

The Louisville-born Grimes was 43.

The cause of death at this point is unknown.

The project of former Rodan guitarist Jason Noble, Rachel’s expanded its lineup to explore its classical influences. Grimes joined the Louisville band for its landmark 1996 effort The Sea And The Bells, which is considered one of greatest post-rock albums of all time. Falling somewhere between the work of John Cage and the minimalist composer Michael Nyman, Rachel’s were one of the most inventive and alluring bands around. All Music declared the songs on The Sea And The Bells “…flow together so seamlessly, it almost seems like one brilliant hour-long epic composition…In an alternative scene where instrumental rockers are a dime a dozen, Rachel’s stands out like diamonds on the ocean floor.”

Author Paul Murray borrowed the band’s song title “An Evening Of Long Goodbyes” for his novel of the same name.

Grimes, who played with Noble in post-hardcore outfit The Shipping News, stayed with Rachel’s until the release of the band’s 2003 effort Systems/Layers. He had already formed the band Seluah, whose output amounted to 2002 EP and two full-length records.

Noble died of cancer in 2012 at the age of 40.

Grimes’ sister Rachel posted the following message on Facebook: “Dearest family and friends around the world, we are so grateful for all of your love and support.”