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Daryl Hall Live In New York

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If Plato was right about music giving soul to the universe, he might, after listening to Daryl Hall, revise that theory to say that it’s Mr. Hall who gives soul to music.

The Pennsylvania-born Hall played the Capitol Theater the other night (6/7) and he proved to be an ageless purveyor of some of the most soulful music on the planet.

A career-spanning set of solo songs, hits with Hall & Oates and covers of songs by the Delfonics (“(Didn’t I) Blow Your Mind This Time”), the Eurythmics (“Here Comes The Rain Again”) and Todd Rundgren (“Can We Still Be Friends”), throughout the night Hall was nothing short of a musical force.

“Sara Smile” was note-for-note perfect, “Say It Isn’t So” was filled with muscle and bite and “Out Of Touch” was as mesmeric as ever.

Rundgren joined him for the encore, which included the Delfonics track as well as Rundgren’s own composition and the pairing of the two legends was nothing short of thrilling.