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Buzzfeed Issues A Top 8 List About New Order’s Low-Life And Stereo Embers’ Paul Gleason Is On It

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We’ve always felt that our very own Paul Gleason conducts really compelling interviews and we were really happy to see Buzzfeed feels the same.

In an article titled “The Lowdown On Low-Life: 8 Facts About New Order’s 1985 Album, they cite two interviews Gleason conducted with New Order’s Peter Hook.

In the article they write: “In an interview with Paul Gleason, Hook described the track as ‘really powerful…especially when played live,’ happily – and not inaccurately – giving himself most of the credit for its effectiveness. When Gleason revisited the topic with him a few years later, he stood by his assessment. ‘The bassline is a killer, if I say so myself,’ said Hook. ‘It really drives the track and pushes the drummer to try and keep up! The bassline…is a great riff and definitely one of my best. I think it showcases all the aspects of my playing.'”

The New Order list is here:

Paul’s interview with Peter Hook is here: