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75% Off Bill Mallonee’s Discography For The Next Two Days

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Singer/songwriter Bill Mallonee is offering a stunning discount of his full discography on his Bandcamp Page.

The prolific singer/songwriter, who has put out over 70+ albums on his own and with his band Vigilantes Of Love, is offering a 75% discount on his body of work today and tomorrow (June 16, 17).

Mallonee’s extensive and poetic songbook is redolent with tales of history, hard Southern scrabble, and both the hard and soft American truths that put this country together. His work brings to mind a wondrous confluence of Larry Brown and Townes Van Zandt and his narratives veer from the tragic to the triumphant with an unreasonable amount of ease.

The directions come from Mallonnee himself on his Facebook page this morning:

1. Visit the bandcamp site.
2. Tap on ANY of the 77 albums icons.
3. Scroll down till you see “BUY FULL DISCOGRAPHY.”
Thanks for supporting indie/Americana, folks,
~ bill mallonee