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Alex Green’s The Heart Goes Boom #37: Modern Space, Night Drifting, The Radio Dept. And Jon Bon Jovi Ruins A Vampire Movie

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Alex Green’s radio show checks in this week with its 37th episode.

The Primal Radio program features new music by Modern Space, Night Drifting, The Arkells and The Radio Dept.

Alex also plays tracks by Wintersleep, The Panics and New Navy and he explains how Jon Bon Jovi ruined a vampire movie he was watching.

“The movie started and it looked dark and engaging,” Alex says. “Then it cut to Jon Bon Jovi as a vampire hunter and I was done.”

Alex says he likes to watch a scary movie every day of October, but the experience soured him.

“Thank you Jon Bon Jovi for ruining one day of October,” he says. “Oh, and thanks for also ruining the ’80s…”