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Alex Green’s The Heart Goes Boom #26: De La Soul, Peur, The Jazz Butcher And Public Access T.V.

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Show #26 of Alex Green’s The Heart Goes Boom features new music by Public Access T.V., De La Soul, Band Of Horses and Peur.

“I love finding new music and two bands that have knocked me out lately are Public Access T.V. and Peur,” the Primal Radio DJ says. “They’re easily the best finds of the year. Public Access T.V. play scruffy anthems with a ragged pop center and Peur have all the dark majesty of Haven and Muse’s early work.”

Alex also plays old favorites by The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy, Grant Hart and The Glass Notes.

Alex also reads a letter by a listener who confesses his love for actress Anna Friel.

“You say that if Anna Friel was your girlfriend you think she’d understand you on a deep and emotional level,” Alex says. “And you say this because you think you’re soulmates who are meant to be together. That sounds great between a DJ and his listener, but do you know where that wouldn’t sound so great? A courtroom…”