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68creep’s “Stone Cold Kiss” Premieres On Stereo Embers

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68creep from Brooklyn, probably the most David Lynch band on earth, recently released (August 26) the first official video for “Stone Cold Kiss” a track from their debut album that’s set to drop later this month.

Why Lynch?

It’s obvious that the filmmaker and musician’s spirit has left an indelible “curse” in the band’s music style. The name of the album is Goodnight, Sweet Betty (surely a Mulholland Drive reference) and they constantly dive in the non-linear Lynchian atmosphere that has become the band’s means for swerving creative blocks, ensuring that their music brims with the same essence as one of his films.

Not an easy path to take.

But they soon hit their target, pushing their heavy, surreal, carny, creepcore to like-minded music fans. “I realized the song “Stone Cold Kiss” touches on, among other things, the murder of Nixzmary Brown, a seven year old from Brooklyn. But I didn’t know it had anything to do with her when I wrote it. Strange how you realize these things in retrospect, the song is about the horrors of motherhood, or a chilling commentary on child abuse,” says the band’s Patrick Casey (aka Catspacey).

If you are fans of BRMC or that murder-at midnight music style, 68creep will hook you (like they did me) in the corner!


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