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Los Lonely Boys Live In Connecticut

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Los Lonely Boys crushed it in Connecticut.

At the Fairfield Theatre Company, the Texas trio were in fine form, playing their effortless and moving brand of roots music to a sold-out and adoring crowd.

The band’s last record was 2014’s Revelation, but they reached back into their comprehensive songbook and played numbers that covered the course of their five-album output. Comprised of the Garza brothers–Henry, JoJo and Ringo–Los Lonely Boys are an outfit that traverses wide sonic terrain, experimenting with everything from reggae to soul to Tejano.

And they do it all with a groovy authority.

The band has just put the first leg of their summer tour to bed, but are set to embark on the second leg, which will take them all over the East Coast and beyond.

Catch them if you can–they’ve never been better.

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