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WATCH THIS NOW! Exclusive first view of Muuy Biien’s “White Ego” video

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Put these two elements together: Rabidly exciting young Athens GA band Muuy Biien whose recently released second album D.Y.I. (on HHBTM Records) is either charming critics or terrorizing them (in the very best way, of course) with its mix of off-kilter ambient tracks fronting an all-out, relentless punkiness that sounds like Pink Flag-era Wire had they been unruly Southern punks (with all the drive and intelligence that implies), and rising Athens-based video artist and all-around punk cineaste Jordan Reyes, and what do you get? The new video for “White Ego,” naturellement, and CITC is very pleased indeed to present an exclusive first view of the results of this most brimming of collaborations, which, just so you know, may be NSFW. Roll film!