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Voices In The Field: Calexico And Iron And Wine Live In New York

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Teaming up for a joint performance tour, Iron and Wine and Calexico stopped by the Capitol Theatre the other night (2/5) to play a stirring set of roots rock and stirring Western-tinged ballads.

A dream pairing of two beloved indie rock outfits, the show found Iron and Wine frontman Sam Beam and Calexico’s Joey Burns to be a seamless pair, teaming up for numbers from their own bands and tossing in a series of unexpected and marvelous covers.

Beam reached into his own songbook for “Jezebel” and “Boy With A Coin,” while takes on Calexico’s “Sunken Waltz” and “Crystal Frontier” came across with the perfect blend of snarl and twang.

Meanwhile, Echo and the Bunnymen’s “Bring On The Dancing Horses” was mournful and affecting, while “On The Road Again,” which was a big hit for Willie Nelson, took on a melancholic burn.

Half Waif teamed up with the two bands for additional musical support, giving numbers like “Burn That Broken Bed” and “What Heaven’s Left” lustrous sonic textures.


  1. Follow the Water
  2. He Lays in the Reins
  3. Father Mountain
  4. Sunken Waltz
  5. Boy With a Coin
  6. Sixteen, Maybe Less
  7. The Bitter Suite (Pájaro / Evil Eye / Tennessee Train)
  8. Bring on the Dancing Horses
  9. Flores y Tamales
  10. Jezebel
  11. Crystal Frontier
  12. On the Road Again
  13. Red Dust
  14. I Lost It
  15. Midnight Sun
  16. Burn That Broken Bed
  17. Glimpse
  18. What Heaven’s Left
  19. A History Of Lovers