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Video Valentine: Bob Perry’s “Love Is Running Over Me”

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Sophocles once wrote that, “One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: That word is love.”

Bob Perry’s “Love Is Running Over Me,” not only seems to have that freeing thought in mind, it’s also one of the catchiest singles of this young year.

Taken from Perry’s winning solo album A World Like This, “Love Is Running Over Me” is a compelling number with a bluesy drawl and a soulful chorus and it finds the former Winter Hours member showcasing his impressive dexterity as a guitarist. Filled with wisdom, grace and the notion that love will find you no matter what, Perry’s new single is a refreshing dose of rootsy bliss that’s redolent with groove and heart.

The sun-kissed video is replete with comedic deadpan gold and it features Perry and his wife Stephanie Seymour (There Are Birds, The Aquanettas) along with a host of co-conspirators.

Perry tells SEM: “I lucked out with a borrowed convertible and a really nice sunny day at the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, in NJ. I took a tripod, a small action camera and shot a lot of the video in one afternoon with my friend and convertible owner, Harry Harris. Ray Nissen (keys)  and Paul Moschella (drums) came to the studio for their parts and Stephanie cut her scenes in our bedroom. I shot Jeremy Chatzky (bass) at his apartment in Brooklyn. 

As for the guitar shop scene, Perry says: “I wanted to do the guitar solo scene at Rant Band guitarist James Mastro’s Guitar Bar in Hoboken, NJ and when I asked him, his reply was, ‘Dr. Lady will measure you, then fit you with the appropriate guitar.’ We had a lot of fun filming that one morning before he opened his shop.”

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