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Video Premiere: Azalia Snail’s “The Wild One, Forever” (Tom Petty Cover)

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Photo Credit: Dan West

Azalia Snail has been making her uniquely sweet, hypnotic, noise-inflected brand of pop music since the days before Nirvana broke, but for this tender, loving cover of one of Tom Petty’s most poetic tunes, producer Dan West has lifted off most of the layers and presents Azalia in her most raw element.

A song she has been singing since she was a teen, Azalia earnestly relates to the tale of longing and yearning in “The Wild One, Forever” from Petty’s debut album.

Shot by Dan West on a small digicam with magic hour light only, the two had to trespass a hilltop restaurant under reconstruction to get the desired angles.

Azalia’s cover was debuted on Tom Petty Radio SiriusXM on Nov 27, 2017.

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