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Tsunami Kills Members Of Indonesian Band Seventeen

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A lethal tsunami yielding a monstrous wall of water hit the Indonesian island of Java yesterday (12/22), killing over 200, injuring over 800 and leaving up to 100 people unaccounted for.

All three numbers are expected to rise as the region tries to regain its balance in the aftermath of the seismic event that’s believed to have originated from the same active volcanic cone as the devastating 1883 Krakatau eruption.

Among the confirmed dead are several members of the popular Indonesian band Seventeen. A pop rock outfit formed in Yogyakarta in 1999, the band have put out six albums in their career, their most recent being 2016’s Pantang Mundur.

The Tsunami hit while Seventeen was performing at the Tanjung Lesung resort and the massive wave killed two members of their crew along with their bassist Bani and manager Oki.

Taking to social media, singer Reifian Fajarsyah not only confirmed the deaths, via a heartfelt video, he also revealed that his wife Dylan Sahara and Seventeen’s drummer Andi and guitarist Herman are currently missing.

Krakatau is a volcanic island that lies in the middle of the Java and Sumatra in the Sunda Strait.

Forty years after the the devastating 1883 incident, saw the emergence of a new island dubbed the “Child of Krakatoa.”

Believed to have the potential for damaging eruptive activity, scientists have been keeping a close eye on the island, with many predicting a fatal event to be imminent.