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Track of the Day: The Libertines’ “Gunga Din”

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After an eleven year intermission, The Libertines are back to provide us with a new Track of The Day.

“Gunga Din,” is named after Rudyard Kipling’s 1892 poem of the same name and was released at the beginning of July. It will constitute the first track of their album Anthems for Doomed Youth which will be released September 4, 2015.

In this confessional with an infectiously catchy melody and hooks, Pete Doherty admits his lifestyle of nights out with his mates is debauched and the drinking and drugs he is ingesting are taking a toll on his health, well-being and productivity. He doesn’t feign moral superiority when he confesses his awareness that other men have faced greater challenges in their lives and emerged unscathed when he croons, “you’re a better man than I”.

Then Carl Barât concedes how his chemical dependency leads to a Dr Jekyll-Mr. Hyde type of perception of the world with the angst, crankiness and hostility it generates yet he remains mired within it.

This song is likely to become a modern classic because of its inward reflectiveness, providing listeners with the fierce UK edge millennials have been deprived of in an era of over-produced party anthems.