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TRACK OF THE DAY – “Quezalteca Deathswitch Blues” by Caustic Casanova

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[Featured image provided by Noisy Ghost PR]


“Quetzalteca Deathswitch Blues” is the second single from Caustic Casanova’s energetically innovative LP, Breaks, which comes out on Kylesa’s Retro Futurist label on September 25.

As if lead single “Show Some Shame” wasn’t enough to convince you of Caustic Casanova’s addictive dynamism, just listen to “Quetzalteca Deathswitch Blues.”

The track shows the trio at their finest, blending bassist-singer Francis Beringer’s post-punk-inspired lead vocals, drummer-singer Stefanie Zaenker’s pounding rhythms and spot-on backing vocals, and Andrew Yonki’s catchy riff and blazing solo.

“Quetzalteca Deathswitch Blues,” in addition to “Show Some Shame,” is proof positive that Caustic Casanova is one of the most excitingly innovative bands on the planet. And, as evidenced on Breaks, the band’s at home in psych, prog, metal, punk, and seemingly every other genre in the galaxy.

Stay tuned to SEM for our extensive coverage of Caustic Casanova, which will include interviews, record reviews, and live reviews.

But, for now, listen to “Quetzalteca Deathswitch Blues,” which is our TRACK OF THE DAY.