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Stereo Embers TRACK OF THE DAY: Craig Elkins’ “Jim Lauderdale Has Taken My Spot”

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We’ve always been big fans of Craig Elkins.

The former singer of the beloved Pennsylvania band Huffamoose, Elkins is one of the most thoughtful, bittersweet and self-deprecating songwriters around.

Elkins has all the vocal finesse of Paul Simon and Nick Drake and his lyrics are literate and observational and come with a quiet sting.

His new single “Jim Lauderdale Has Taken My Spot” is a dark and humorous take on Elkins’ career, using Lauderdale both literally and metaphorically as a symbol for his own lack of financial rewards.

The song is a humorous take on the music business, fiscal worry and one’s personal creative velocity.

Played with the deadpan smarts of a stand up comic and the self-castigating critical eye of a cultural critic, Elkins’ new track is a real treat.

The video for the song was directed by Erik Hammarberg.