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The Fifteen Coolest Women In Rock and Roll

Written by: and

(Photo of Lowell by Norman Wong)

1. Kimmy Drake–Beach Day


2. Shaz Condon–The Beau Motives


3. Grog–Die So Fluid


4. Orenda Fink–(Solo, Azure Ray)



5. Laura Pleasants–Kylesa


6. Courtney Barnett (Solo)



7. Lowell–(Solo)


8. Molly Rankin–Alvvays


9. Phaedra and Elsa Greene– The Casket Girls


10. Marti Sarbit–Imaginary Cities


11. Kimm Rogers–(Solo)


12. Michelly Cordova (Solo)


13. Tracyanne Campbell–Camera Obscura


14. Carol Van Dyke–Bettie Serveert



15. Kelly Haigh–(Solo) and Kelly Haigh and The Murderbirds