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The Smiths To David Bowie: Top 5 Songs Scott Weiland Covered

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We’ve been thinking about Scott Weiland a lot here at Stereo Embers and we thought it might be nice to shed some light on some of the songs he covered throughout his career.

The mercurial frontman of STP and Velvet Revolver had varied tastes, ranging from glam rock to ’80s synth pop.

Here are our top five favorite songs he covered:

“Ashes To Ashes” (David Bowie): An enormous Bowie fan, even in one of his last interviews Weiland said that he always wanted to collaborate with the Thin White Duke. His take on this classic from Scary Monsters is note-for-note perfect and demonstrates Weiland’s range as a singer.


“I Am The Resurrection” (The Stone Roses): A fan sent this one to us a few days ago and we were pretty blown away. Not only did we have no idea that Weiland had covered this track, we think it sounds like Bowie covering the ‘Roses. And we love it.


“Into Your Arms” (The Lemonheads): A catchy rock and roll number from Evan Dando, but Weiland turns it into a jangling winner that’s far more imploring and compelling than the original.

“Patience” (Velvet Revolver): Flanked by most of the members of the band that made this number famous, Weiland stepped in for Axl Rose seamlessly. This is a drop dead stunner that’s achingly precise.

“But Not Tonight” (Depeche Mode): A huge Goth fan, Weiland’s slinky darkness would have made him a perfect fit for fronting a band like Bauhaus or The Cure. Here’s his take on an old Depeche Mode classic.