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The Trashcan Sinatras’ Cake Reissue Lands In The Top Ten

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I’ve been saying it for nearly thirty-five years: The Trashcan Sinatras’ Cake is one of the best debut albums by anyone ever.

Yes, this has made me boring at parties, but it’s also made me something else: right.

Time is perhaps the fairer judge than opinionated music journalists, and in the case of Cake, justice has been served.

The legendary Scottish band’s 1990 Go! Discs debut has been reissued, remastered and repackaged (four shades of vinyl!) by Last Night from Glasgow and it’s hit #10 in the midweek charts.

How does that compare to the album’s original UK chart position?

It ups it by 64 spots.

When it was originally released, the John Leckie/Roger Bechirian-produced Cake went top 200 in the U.S. with “Obscurity Knocks” hitting the #12 slot on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart.

The reaction to the reissue has surprised the band, with guitarist John Douglas telling BBC Scotland news, “…we are all happily gobsmacked.”

The Trashcan Sinatras have not only maintained a steady career since their debut, they’ve kept the same lineup of Douglas, Francis Reader, Paul Livingston, and drummer Steven Douglas.

Cake CD bonus tracks :

Drunken Chorus

Who’s He


Tonight You Belong To Me

My Mistake

White Horses