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The Richest Of Legacies: Opal Eskar’s “The Woodsman”

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If Shakespeare was right about honesty being the richest of legacies, then Opal Eskar’s “The Woodsman” signals this should be a band that’ll be around for a long, long time.

Taken from the Philadelphia outfit’s upcoming self-titled debut EP, “The Woodsman” is a heartfelt meditation on honesty and how relationships can only be augmented by personal integrity. A quirky blend of hypnotic indie pop and gently percussive low-fi soul, “The Woodsman” brings to mind the work of everyone from Grandaddy to Of Montreal. Clocking in at just over three minutes, on this track Opal Eskar may very well have captured laconic reflection better than anyone else in recent memory.

Of the song, the band’s Karl Blau says: “As tough and debilitating as it may be at times, especially when there are hard things to share, ‘The Woodsman’ is about how having an honest relationship makes for a deeper relationship. We made the video in my buddy’s backyard. We didn’t intend for the mask to become a major theme, but the piece spontaneously worked with that mask, and the trampoline footage highlights the northeast Philly vibe pretty hard.”

Comprised of Chet Delcampo, Karl Blau and Heyward Howkins, and rounded out by The War On Drugs alums Charlie Hall and Robbie Bennett, Opal Eskar are one of the most exciting bands around. Their elliptical aesthetic is quietly stirring and every song shimmers with vulnerability and joy.

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