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Stones N’ Roses New Single A Pitch-Perfect Homage Done With Affection And Zeal

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If Aristotle was right about no excellent soul being exempt from a mixture of madness, then the members of Stones N’ Roses are very excellent souls, indeed.

Because on paper, it would be sheer madness to graft together the music of The Stone Roses, Guns N’ Roses and The Rolling Stones, but that’s exactly what this San Diego outfit does and the results are nothing short of brilliant.

Led by the decidedly versatile and wildly charismatic frontman Adam Gimbel, the band’s new single “Gimmie O’ Spreads” is an eerily perfect take on the ‘Roses’ “Love Spreads” that somehow segues into “Sweet Child O’ Mine” and then effortlessly slips into “Gimme Shelter.”

Or is it the other way around?

Well, it is…

And it isn’t…

And it absolutely is…

Onstage, the band’s sartorial choice is Guns N’ Roses, but after watching them play, it’s hard not to imagine all three bands on stage, engaging in a pitch-perfect blend of homage and parody, done with affection and zeal. This is an unreasonably thrilling, hilarious and altogether genius affair. It’s a gutsy re-imagining of rock and roll history, played with verve, nerve and heart.

Stones N’ Roses Summer Tour dates:

Thu July 13 Liverpool, Zanzabar
Fri July 14 Manchester, Stone Roses Disco at Zombie Shack
Sat July 15 Manchester Fringe Festival, King’s Arms
Sun July 16 Nottingham, The Diamond
Tue July 18 Glasgow, Nice n Sleazy
Thu July 20 London, Dublin Castle
Fri July 21 Wembley Stadium, Yer Mate’s Birthday Party (unless we get a
better offer)
*shows with special guests all-midget Smiths tribute band, Morrissette

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