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Stereo Embers’ Video Premiere: Michael Rank’s “This Love”

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Neo-soul artist Michael Rank is readying to release his upcoming album, I Fell In Love With You Tonight, on November 9th. Before that time, Stereo Embers is delighted to premiere a tantalizing video for “This Love”, a cut off the LP.

On the sensual and atmospheric numbers flowing through I Fell In Love With You Tonight, Rank is trying to make a love connection, on the look-out for desire, chance encounters, and romance. The city nightlife of old-school dance clubs and smoky bars with dim lights is where the vibe is at.

Smooth and sweet like whipped cream, Rank croons and pleads amid juicy horn bleats, a groovin’ bass line, crisp handclaps, airy backing vocals, and perky percolating syncopation. He slides through lines like, “Love’s such a beautiful thang” with warmly cool allure. He’s knows that love’s what he’s looking for and he’ll soon find it with his charismatic attitude.

Rank was born in Manhattan and grew up on the outskirts of NYC, and then eventually moved to Chapel Hill, NC. He played in acclaimed rock ‘n’ roll band Snatches of Pink and shared the stage with many rock luminaries. His music has been released on respected labels like Caroline Records and Mammoth Records.

After his long stint as a rock ‘n’ roller, Rank decided to dig into folk music for a time, and then hit upon urban-styled R&B, which spoke to that cosmopolitan nightclub vibe that only a big city can provide. Rank got in touch with guitarist, and now producer, Brian Dennis of funk band DAG and they work on I Fell In Love With You Tonight together as songwriter (Rank) and music producer/arranger (Dennis).

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