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Stereo Embers’ Video Premiere: Marylane’s “In My Head”

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Photo credit: Angelika Annen

The members of Zurich, Switzerland-based indie pop trio Marylane have a real knack for writing epic songs and producing thought-provoking videos. Everything that can be heard from them via online sources sounds as if it was written for a dramatic, grandiose piece of classic cinema.

In fact, the press release for Marylane’s forthcoming album, titled Grow and Fade, says that the band actually conceived the LP as a soundtrack to a fictitious feature film. Marylane’s members also decided to make a music video trilogy to support this idea, with each video coming across like an excerpt from this movie.

The first part, which was filmed in support of the song “Restless”, is a fragmented, impressionistic piece about the existential pains of growing up. It follows a female protagonist through a maze of intense emotions triggered by equally troubling situations.

The next segment for the latest single “In My Head” continues the video trilogy thread. Here, the confusion of adolescence gives way to the turmoil of mid-life and the complications that go along with building a family and having children.

The emotional space created by the unsettling instrumentation from Christian Wyss (synths, guitar) and Nicolas Stocker (drums), as well as vocalist Larissa Bretscher’s haunting, piercing vocals, takes the listener on a very challenging and stormy ride. The video acts somewhat as an amplifier, giving the emotions an even starker dimension.

The film collective CAVEMEN, who were responsible for this atmospheric short, do everything to push bleakness into the heart of a Lars Von Trier-like celluloid scenario. It’s not a comfortable place to be in at first, but it definitely pays off with a beautiful and redemptive audio-visual crescendo.

Marylane’s elegant and mesmerizing album Grow and Fade will be released on September 15th.


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