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Stereo Embers Video Premiere: JPTR’s “Eye”

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Zurich, Switzerland-based avant-garde art pop music project JPTR coalesced around Andrina Bollinger and Ramón Oliveras in 2016. After a run of singles that year which were delivered every full moon, the duo dropped their self-titled debut album in the spring of 2017.

JPTR is returning this year (July 13th, to be exact) with a new EP titled the absence of…, a return to their core sound of ‘just’ drums and vocals. While that set-up might sound spare, Bollinger, Oliveras, and contributing artists fill up the starkness with layers of vocals and rhythms.

Stereo Embers is pleased to premiere the video form of a track off the EP. Named “Eye”, the avant-pop song is meant to convey a “feeling of suspense and stagnation,” according to the outfit.

Lightly hit drums that sound like globular chimes slightly reverberate while an expressive, Bjork-like Bollinger sing-talks in the foreground. She gently, yet emphatically enunciates her words, contemplating that the eye is “…a witness to the world closing in…” as the beat hits a regular intervals, creating a feeling of suspension.

The intriguing video plays tricks on the eye, focusing on a still forest, and then more than one being begins to glide into the static scene, looking like ghostly afterimages. They form a circle and sway slowly side to side before departing whence they came. Were we witness to some spectral ritual? Or did we see a gathering of friends communing with nature? Or?…

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