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STEREO EMBERS VIDEO PREMIERE – Cheryl Hendrickson (American Professionals) debuts new solo project, premiering her first single “Diamonds in the Rough”

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Connections, it might be said, are the key to everything. Cheryl Hendrickson, bass player in American Professionals, the band she started with her husband Chuck Lindo, is launching a new solo project that, based on what we see and hear from the video she’s sent us, is the result of throwing oneself into the #resistance movement full throttle. Layering an inspiring collage of women representing in the arts (from industrial to musical to terpsichorean) against an arrestingly catchy synth-poppy, sublimely grooved backdrop wherein an irrepressible message of feminist empowerment is portrayed as – quelle surprise! – a natural outgrowth of the very human impulse to create, leave a mark, make a difference and lift a voice, the piece is a multi-media testament to the basic idea that the statistically dominant X-chromosoned population is not only not going to return to any level of submissiveness but will indeed only continue expressing their sometimes uncomfortable truths in the face of the challenging political regression we all currently face. As to that ‘connections’ comment, well, Ms Hendrickson is part of the LA-based artist network that includes Arrica Rose, whose astonishing Wavefunction album (with the ‘dot-dot-dots’) as well as the following gem Low Country by the sudden new band Dear Country with Mark Lynn, were both received enthusiastically by all here at SEM, it was that ‘connection’ that led us to this startling discovery. Sometimes, just sometimes, this is a very rewarding enterprise. Enjoy.