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Stereo Embers’ Video Premiere: Berwanger’s “Broken Moon”

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Josh Berwanger (Radar State, The Anniversary, Only Children) is set to release his fourth album next year, as well as a split 7″ with Casey James Prestwood and the Burning Angels (Casey from Hot Rod Circuit) in November.

In anticipation of those records, Berwanger has opened his music video vault and is premiering a new video each week in July, with the last one being the lead single from the upcoming album.

The second video in the series is for “Broken Moon”, the epic centerpiece of his album, The Star Invaders, released last year via Good Land Records.

Berwanger says of the video project, “For the past five years I have been making music videos for different songs from each of our albums and EPs and I just never did anything with most of them. However, last month I randomly found a video we did on a hard drive and that inspired me to edit it and search for all the other video footage we have made and edit them to release. Some of them are definitely “B-movie” quality. But who doesn’t love movies with budgets as big as Troll 2 and The Eliminators?”

Stereo Embers Magazine is delighted to premiere the vintage-vibed, bittersweet video for the the retro-steeped, reflective opus “Broken Moon”. The song revels in alt-folk acoustic guitar strum, winding keyboard notes, softly jingling tambourine, and hazy, faded-gold vocal harmonies. Midway through, the tune unfurls into an atmospheric, ambient noir soundscape of curling steel guitar lines and wordless spectral vocals before merging with the alt-folk motif at its start.

About the “Broken Moon” video, Berwanger explains, “Broken Moon”, the song, was influenced by Cesare Pavese’s Among Women Only. It’s about the struggle and search for meaning so many people have, as well as the conversations we have with others about these struggles. The video for it was shot on 8mm film in South Carolina and developed by the good people at Pro8mm Film.”

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